Sunday, December 11, 2011

Of Secret Societies and Bureau Drawers

ears ago, there was in my town, a group of women who did self-therapy by straightening bureau drawers. I received a call from one of the members who invited me to join their ranks. I declined the offer.

For all I know, the group still exists. But it sounded kind of crackpot to me--she wouldn't give me all the details unless I agreed to join. And why anyway, would I need to join a group to straighten out my bureau drawers? I imagined that all these women had messy lives and minds. But not this woman! I thrive on order.

I needed no secret society to explain the connection between housework and resolving issues. There is nothing better for the soul than throwing the windows open wide to the fresh air and throwing one's self full force into housework: taking down cobwebs, scrubbing things with hot soapy water, polishing silver to a fine sheen, or straightening out a lingerie drawer. The smell of cleaning products, the snap of latex gloves...okay, maybe that's going a little too far, even for me...I dread housework as much as any red-blooded housewife, but I'm guessing I'm not alone in feeling vibrant and in the mode once I stop procrastinating and get cracking on a household job that needs doing.

And I'm guessing I'm also not alone in realizing that as people clean and mend, their minds are freed up for thinking about and resolving their life issues. You feel great when you look at a window so clean it looks open, even when closed, but you feel better about stuff in your life, too, once a cleaning job is complete.

The mechanical movements used in cleaning are mindless and repetitive. Your mind is free to wander and will tend to seek out and settle on outstanding problems. You scrub and run through the possible solutions to your biggest problems.

Chances are, you will keep finding things to clean until your mind comes to a state of resolve and can finally rest.

A major component in the process of cleaning house, both literally and figuratively is that it is a solitary process. It's something you do by yourself in peace and quiet. The solitude is healing, in and of itself: it's just you, the dirty object, and your cleaning supplies.

Got issues? Clean out your bureau drawers. But do it on your own.

It doesn't take a secret society, let alone a village. Just remember: you heard it here, first.

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  1. Varda, once again, a terrific blog! Are you aware that there is actually scientific evidence that supports your blog? If not, if just going on what you think is probably the case, I will tell you, there truly is..& there has been more than 1 study done on the subject, actually several. So, whether you knew this already & were passing along...OR you were going on your own instincts, it is true!

    I agree too, even if just a little cleaning @ a time is all 1 can do,,, for instance, I tried an old product for a new cleaning project but could only do a little, but could not wait hardly for Jim to come home & either notice or for me to point the cleanliness & success of my idea out to him...& yes, I did get quite a lot of mental work within myself done @ the same time & felt great when all I could do was done.

    That was a couple of days ago!

    Good writing, Varda, but would not trust that secret society either! LOL!