Sunday, April 19, 2015

Video: Michael Douglas On Antisemitism

I watched this clip this morning.

And I couldn't help but think: What useless angst! Why should someone who is NOT JEWISH suffer due to antisemitism? What's the point?

I mean, for me, antisemitism mostly helps me hold my head higher. The more they hate me, the more it strengthens me, makes me proud of who I am.

But what does it do for someone like Michael Douglas or his son Dylan? They aren't Jewish. Are they trying to invent meaning for themselves in a meaningless world? It's kind of piteous, you ask me (not that you asked me).

Ditto when he talks about how Dylan's request for a bar mitzvah made him and Catherine (Zeta Jones) proud, and "brought a lot of spirituality into our lives."

I would suggest it brought no such thing into their lives. A bar mitzvah is not a coming of age party, it's the point where JEWISH men attain the age of mitzvot: they now have to keep the Torah commandments or suffer the consequences. The reason Jews make such a fuss about it is to show our joy and gratitude for having the Torah, and for being worthy of living a Torah lifestyle, constrained and enhanced by the mitzvot.

Dylan is NOT JEWISH and therefore will never attain the age of mitzvot, will never have to keep the Torah commandments, will never be WORTHY of keeping the mitzvot, and will therefore, never suffer the consequences of not doing so.

So basically, they threw a party for something that didn't happen. An expensive party, I'll grant you, considering they did it up big in Jerusalem, but still, just a party to celebrate a lie.

I know. I'm just nasty. *sigh*

It's too bad when someone has to suffer antisemitism when that person isn't even Jewish. It's just a bummer, with no bright side, whatsoever.

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