Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ten Worst Facebook Status Updates Ever

Ten Worst Facebook Status Updates Ever

1) Hard to believe I showered just two hours ago.

2) Bobby loves corn but I hate changing his diaper afterward.

3) How do you know when fish is bad?

4) It’s not so much the sound that gets to me when DH blows his nose; it’s the spatter art.

5) What else works besides prunes?

6) Little Timmy meant well, but drying Spot in the microwave was a bad idea. Someone said boiling lemons in there might help?

7) If you see Granny at the supermarket, see if you can git her car keys. She’s been at the crème de menthe again.

8) Gawd I’m so itchy down there, does anyone else ever get this?

9) I didn’t know a cat’s stomach could hold so much.

10) If you ate the burgers and you feel queasy, you’d best call me quick.