Wednesday, October 5, 2016

ABC Does a Switcheroo and Tells A Whopper of a Lie

ABC lied today.

Somewhere between a school filled with panicked children and the mayor’s house, this morning a Qassam rocket, shot with malice and intent to kill as many Jews as possible,  struck hard. Buildings were damaged. Cars were damaged. And many people were treated in hospital for shock. 

But this is not what was reported in the mainstream media.

As ABC has it, Israel struck Gaza.

That’s not the whole headline. But you don’t need the whole headline. You’ve got the facts in the order ABC wants you to have them.

And ABC wants you to have the facts in that order because ABC wants you to think Israel struck out at Gaza in a vacuum, without reason.

And if you don’t buy that, then at least ABC wants you to think of this not as a strike by Arab terrorists against Jewish schoolchildren or the mayor but as some sort of squabble between very mismatched sides.

On the one side there is Israel with its huge army with planes and technological know-how. On the other side,  you have these lone poverty-stricken, oppressed Gazan refugees who have these dumb homemade rockets made out of sugar.

That is when Israel will let them have sugar. (Bad Israel. Mean Israel.)

Wait. There is more.

ABC wants you to think that anonymous rocket had no serious target. Not a school or children or the mayor. Just a city. Just in general.

And ABC wants you to OVERLOOK the rocket and look at the retaliation. The big guns. They want you to look at that FIRST.

They want you to look at that FOREMOST.

They don’t want you to dig too deeply, ABC. They don’t want you to find out how many rockets these lone poverty-stricken Arab refugees have shot into the city of Sderot, into its kindergartens, schools, and homes, since Disengagement.

ABC: The “D” Word

Remember Disengagement? ABC doesn’t want you to remember that. The “D” word is when the Jews expelled 11,000 of their own people from their homes in a unilateral gesture of peace and gave the land, lock, stock, and barrel to the Arabs, so they would have a state of their own and stop killing Jews. You know, the Arabs. The ones now shooting Qassam rockets at little kids, those amazing dual purpose Jewish children who can serve as sitting ducks in their classrooms while learning the Hebrew alphabet.

It’s more than 10,000 rockets, by the way. The number of rockets shot into this random “Israeli city.” It’s a number ABC doesn’t want you to know.

And these children? The ducks who learn the Hebrew alphabet? All of them have PTSD.

Bar none.

This too, ABC doesn’t want you to know.

See, this is how it works: shock, PTSD? These injuries are not visible. So ABC can say that since the injuries aren’t visible, they aren’t injuries. And since the invisible injuries were not reported by ABC, ABC can say these injuries were not reported.

Besides, ABC says there were no reported injuries. And if ABC says this, you must believe it. Because it’s the mainstream media.

It’s all about the spin. It’s all about the order of the words. The context, the lack of context.

Keep it yawningly general. Don’t mention schools, or schoolchildren. Don’t mention the mayor, don’t mention shock, hospitals, PTSD, the number of missiles shot into Sderot. Don’t call Sderot by its name. Israeli. City.

This is what happened today, on the first day back to school in Sderot after the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashana. A Qassam rocket was shot. Either toward the school, where, with any luck, there would be many young casualties or toward the mayor’s house, which would indeed be a coup, a strike at the heart of Jewish government by hate-filled, blood-lusting Arab terrorists whose desire for a state is not desire for a state, but desire for everything the Jews have. All of it. All the land. Jew-free.

The attack today was not random. It was not general.  Injuries occurred and were reported in Israel.

ABC simply told you a kind of lie.

And they’ll keep doing it. They’ll keep lying to you.

If you let them.

They’ll keep lying to you as long as they can get away with it. That is to say until you stop believing them and their lies.

And stop tuning in.

You can hold them accountable by withholding your page views, your patronage.

And you must. Because it’s what you can do for the children of Sderot.

And because it’s the right thing to do.