Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tired of the Lies About Israel So I Started This Blog

I’m tired. Tired of the lies about Israel.

Tired of the mainstream media plugging a false narrative because readers need a fall guy and Israel is “it.”

I’m sick to death of dishonest journalists who fail to check the truthfulness of their sources when they hear a juicy tidbit about Israel.

I’m fed up. Exhausted. Really done.

Critical Thinking Skills

I’ve had it up to here with readers who have lost their critical thinking skills. I despair of readers who just want to believe what they’re told. Because after all, they saw it in the New York Times, or the Washington Post, or the Boston Globe.

These are big names in journalism, they tell you. Credible sources, they say. They wouldn’t lie, you know.

It makes me grit my teeth.

The Only Middle East Democracy “Crushes” Free Press?

I’m galdurned sick of writers who have no compunction in telling you that Israel’s prime minister is “crushing Israel’s free press.” These writers know darned well that Israel has the only free press in the entire Middle East–that Israel is the sole democracy in the Middle East. But they, the journalists, would rather tell you lies about Israel than out the secret that last week in Turkey, for instance, 42 journalists were arrested.

Because Jews.

I’m sick and tired of articles describing the prime minister of Israel as a “hardliner” when in fact, most Israelis could only wish Bibi would take a harder line against terror, and in favor of building homes for Jews. We voted for hardline. Halavai we’d get hardline.

The Lie About Bibi Being A Hardliner

Making Light Of Threats To Israel

My stomach roils upon reading articles whose writers insist on making light of the very real and daily threats to Israel. How could they do this when Israelis are still reeling from the murders of an 13 year-old girl in her sleep, and of the father of a large family in front of his children? Not to mention Iran moving closer to breakout time. And Hezbollah, Syria, and ISIS; terror tunnels, missiles, mortars, car rammings, and scissors attacks. Everyone wants to kill the Jews. Everyone.

Pretending The Democratic Party Line Is Not Anti-Israel

I’ve had it up to here at reading articles that exploit the divide between American political parties to further the entrenched leftist agenda against Israel. I’m sick of writers who insist on pretending that Republicans are making it up when they say the Democratic party line is anti-Israel, even though it absolutely is. Why on earth is ANYONE, at this point in time, still plugging that tired, old, and unworkable two-state solution??

Using Israeliness As Cover To Bash Israel

I’ve had it with propaganda rags using location and a patriotic-sounding name as cover to kick the chair out from under my beloved Israel; tired of them pretending Jews have no right to build homes in Israel; tired of them pretending that somehow, in doing so, Jews are ruining the ecosystem.

Big Brother’s Not-So-Secret Campaign Against Israel

I’m tired of Google News tailoring the news you see about Israel to make Israel look really, really bad. Why not let us decide for ourselves what we think about Israel? Why Big Brother the news unless–can it be? Israel isn’t as bad as you’d like us to think.

I’m tired. Really tired.

So I started this blog.

Isn’t it time we shared the truth?