Monday, September 6, 2010

Marzipan Dates

Maybe I've been going about this blog thing the wrong way. Until now, I've been madly racing through my web content assignments in hopes that I could finish early, take a day or so to recover my creative juices and then blog away.

But maybe I've got the wrong idea. Maybe not every blog has to be a big deal production with clip art. Maybe not every entry has to be jam-packed with meaning. Maybe some day I'll be so famous that even my grocery lists will sell for thousands of dollars on e-bay. Maybe horses have wings...

So, okay. I'm going to try to blog even just a short entry, whenever I can.

With the holidays fast approaching, I do a bit of the cooking each day, whatever can be done in advance. Today I stuffed dates with marzipan. I scented the marzipan with rose water and tinted the almond paste three pretty colors. After stuffing the dates and arranging them on the plate, I had space on the plate and leftover marzipan, so I made some rose blossoms out of the paste to fill out the plate. Roses are about the only thing I can mold. An artist/sculptress, I'm not. But roses make sense, considering my name means Rose. Which you already know if you follow my blog which is named, Ahem, Judean Rose.

Natan took some photos.

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