Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Waking Up is Hard to Do

I 'm the kind of person who, once awake, is really awake. It freaks Dov out a bit, the way I wake up. Using gentle, soft tones, he'll call out, "Vaaarda..." and in response I will sit up in bed and say, "What?" in a kind of blase, off-hand manner. Freaks him out--I mean it. My eyes are wide open and I'm in a state of complete wakefulness, even a bit bored. A zombie, yet not a zombie.

But this morning, I woke up and felt intense lethargy. After the past week or so of stupidity and denial, I was no longer attributing this fact to anything but the side effects of my new medication. Yesterday, the doctor gave me something to counteract the side effects of the other medication and warned me that I may end up with very LOW blood pressure as yet another side effect. *sigh*

I struggled to open my eyes and called out to Dov to bring me the automatic BP cuff we rented from Yad Sara. Yup. Blood pressure is low. Low normal. Not low enough to call the doctor, and much better than *MUCH TOO HIGH EEK!* blood pressure. I will keep an eye on things and call the doctor if my blood pressure dips any more.

So, my brain is not really running at full power. Creative juices are not flowing and not much comes to mind to write here. Nothing appropriate at any rate. Last night some silly lyrics came into my head, and I sang them aloud to Dov as a pirate's ditty, but the unfortunate fact is that those words were not very G-rated. Nyuk.

The racing pulse and palpitations are all but a thing of the past, and that's the main thing. I couldn't have coped even one more day.

Asher's birthday party yesterday was a giant hit. Yitzchak sought me out as things were winding down and was just bubbling with kind words for me and for Dov, "You and Abba are the best. You make the best parties."

Gosh, what a sweet kid.

Asher came to me and said, "Eema, this was my best birthday party, EVER!"

All this made me remember how even my older kids have told us they had the best birthday parties of all their friends. I'm glad I can help my kids build these good memories.

There's so much that has been hard for them. I guess I do have a knack for making birthday parties.

Natan took TONS of photos, around 70, and you can see the joy and delight on the faces of the little boys at the party. I love little boys. I'm sad to see this phase of my life, phasing out. The relighting candles on the birthday cake were an awesome touch. So funny to see Asher blowing harder and harder, not quite grokking what the heck was going on here. LOL. Lotta spit on that side of the cake. Does the 25 second rule apply here?

Anyway, I have a need to push myself to complete my writing assignments by Monday, or at least that's the plan. So I'm going to close this entry--the most boring to date--with my apologies. Tomorrow is another day.

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