Monday, September 6, 2010


I just wanted to thank my sistahs for all the wonderful feedback I got on my Kiss of Death blog entry. At least one of my writer friends tried to affix a comment on the actual entry but was foiled by Google, which seems to happen WAY too much (are you listening google bot??).

Some of the comments that came to my inbox:
"Your thoughts of the love between a Jew and Hashem and between a
man and his wife, touched my pained heart and offered deep comfort.
Death al kidush Hashem is an awsome expression of the ultimate love.

As the Geula deepens we will be called upon to express this love in sanctifying
Hashem's name only in life, no longer through death, knowing that every breath of a
Jew till the very last is indeed a dedication, a kiss to and from Hashem.
Honing in on the last moment of husband with wife, the feelings that can
never be captured by the glare of the media."

"I'm always thinking about the army of tzaddikim that Hashem is preparing and
I hope He's done, but perhaps what Maimon saw on his wife's face is a
glimpse of the "why." We don't get it now, but I hope we all understand
very soon."

"Varda, this is an exquisite piece of writing, though so sad. (Tried to post
to your blog and didn't succeed.)"

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